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Getting Going

I downloaded a book to my Kindle from the library (my favorite price is FREE!) and started reading this weekend, but then…. the plague descended on our house. Charlotte came into our bed on Saturday night and she felt hot. The next thing I knew, we were all covered in vomit. Three changes of sheets later and we finally got settled in for the night. Cordelia seemed to avoid it at first, but then last night (Monday) she produced a pretty impressive stream of vomit and a fever of 102. YIKES.

So basically, I’ve spent the past 3 days tending to sick kids, cleaning up vomit, doing countless loads of laundry (seriously, I did 8+ loads of laundry on Sunday), and now? I’m sick. Arrrggggghhwtaf.

This also means that I haven’t been reading or doing educational activities with Charlotte. I haven’t even begun cleaning up my sewing space, and there’s no way in hell we’re going to the library.

I DID start to read a book, and I’m already about halfway done. It’s a total easy vacation read but we all have to start somewhere, right? The Vacationers by Emma Straub. It’s okay, definitely not deep reading material. As long as it gets my reading motivation going, I’ll stick with it.

April Goal Setting

Get sewing/craft room organized and ready for use. This one is the big issue looming in my life right now. We moved into this house at the very tail end of February and my sewing space is basically the last room that I’m not satisfied with right now. I need to clean it out, organize everything, and make it into a place where I will want to create again.

Do a learning project with Charlotte every day. It’s sad that I have to include this as a goal, but I’m really not doing very well with this. I often just succumb to screen time because I’m frazzled, tired, and just want a moment of alone time. Every day that Charlotte is not in school I should be doing an educational activity with her.

Finish up decorating tasks. I need to hang Charlotte’s quilt, hang the ribbon balls, figure out how to fix the framed art for Cordelia’s room, pick out a chandelier for our dining room, and hang the last straggler prints that are hidden in the closet. This will require help from Steve, so that’ll be a weekend project.

Read one book. I’m painfully behind in basically all the reading I wish I were doing. So before the end of April I want to pick one book (any book, seriously) and read it from start to finish. Once I get in a reading groove I’m good, but right now I’m so far out of it, it’s hard to get motivated. One book. It can even be a cheesy romance. Just read something, dangit!

Take Charlotte to visit the library in our new town. We just moved here and I want to get over there to check out the new place. I’ll try and find a story time, but even just a visit to read and pick out some books to borrow would be a step in the right direction.

Sewing 102

I took another sewing class a couple of weeks ago at Fabric Bliss, and we made this cute organizer:


Mine is a bit wonky, but I’ll just say that it adds charm. Charm is good, right?

I’m taking an intro to quilting class at Fabric Bliss soon, and I’m so excited!


I found this absolutely gorgeous print at Fabric Bliss.


At ten bucks a yard it’s one of the more expensive cuts I’ve ever splurged on. But GOD. LOOK AT IT. I want to make all the things with it.

(If you want some of your own, and I know you do, it’s Riley Blake Designs C2781)

Project List

I know that in order to keep the creative juices flowing, I’m going to have to make a list of projects to complete. So, in no particular order, this is my current project list:

1) iPhone case. I don’t put a case around my phone, but I really should probably protect it when it’s floating around the great crevasse known as my diaper bag.

2) Speaking of diaper bags, I’d really like to make a new one for myself. I bought my current bag and it’s nice, but I think I can make something better.

3) Apron! I love wearing aprons while cooking. My mother in law made me an apron for Christmas, but it would be nice to have a backup.

4) Christmas is coming, and this year I’d like to make the vast majority of my gifts. Not sure what I’ll be doing for everyone, but I’ll try and get a final list together by my birthday so that I have enough time to make everything.

5) Not sewing related, but I really want to get the playroom/office/craft room decorated. I have all of these old pieces of sheet music that were my Oma’s, and I want to get them framed and hung above my desk. I’d also like to get a color wheel print to frame.

6) Throw pillows for the living room. We have nondescript beige couches and zero pops of color in there. I’d like to make a couple of throw pillow to liven things up.

7) Crib sheets. I bought a king size flat sheet before Charlotte was born with the intention of making crib sheets. Charlotte is now 8 months old. Whoops.

8) I’m not 100% sure about getting into the world of making garments at this point, but it sure would be nice to FIT into my clothes. I’m very tall and finding clothes off the rack is pretty much impossible. But maybe once I get a little more confidence in my sewing abilities I can try my hand at some simple patterns. Perhaps a skirt or pants? Or a cute vintage looking dress?

9) Fabric bunting. I love bunting, and I want to make two different types. One will have each of the 52 yards of fabric from Charlotte’s first year photo project. The second will be a decoration for Charlotte’s first birthday party, and will say happy birthday on the flags.

10) Splash mat. Charlotte is a great eater, but the floor around her highchair is a disaster after every meal. I’d like to make something to go underneath that I can just wipe off into the sink when she’s done.

Still Here!

I haven’t fallen off the edge of the world…. just been busy. We took a trip out to Nashville for a friends wedding and things are finally starting to calm down.

I took the opportunity yesterday to stop by Denver Fabrics and picked up a couple things. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a concrete plan and so most of the stuff I bought is useless for now. I guess it’ll be added to my stash and used in the future.

I made an apron! Unfortunately my assistant isn’t very good at displaying things.


Good thing she’s so darn cute. I’ll be making another apron to go with this one and then they’ll be sent off to Nashville so the newlyweds can make delicious food together. Or something.

Fabric bunting

Yet another project where I got so excited to finish that I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures. Oh well.

I’ve always loved the look of fabric bunting, and seeing as how I have a LOT of fabric to use up, I decided to make one. First I cut out triangles of fabric.


Then turned then right sides in….


And sewed up the free edge


Turned them right side out, and ironed


Then I made a really long strip of 3 inch wide fabric and folded both sides into the middle and ironed. I pinned the flags in between the strip of fabric leaving one inch between each flag. Then I sewed all the way up the strip and….. voila!


Sorry for the badly lit photograph. Isn’t it cute? Yay for bunting!


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